Okir: Analog 3/26/2013


Drawn to Laurie Anderson’s “Superman.” Brief repetitive, but soft, bursts of sound: huh huh huh huh huh, throughout. Some speaking, also soft. Half circle swirls, gradually transforming into “raindrop” strokes. Listening to the track was like standing in a warm rain with little swirls and puffs of wind moving around me…

Haptic drawing is for me a meditative process (see the TedX video, “Mindfulness Begins with the Body” featuring Catherine Kerr, which I posted below). But in this case, I train my focus to a specific “object,” and let my fingers respond to it in drawing, without overt judgement.* Instead of focusing primarily on my body feelings or my arising thoughts, the object (which could be just about anything, including music, street sounds, even scents, or something I touch) is the focus. The boundaries (my perceptions of separateness) between the object and “me” begin to dissolve.

*I think that “judgement” is always present in drawing and painting, but I’m referring to the oppressive process of judging a creation “good” or “bad” and inflicting that judgement upon one’s sense of identity and self-worth.


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