Okir: Analog 5/4/2013


It’s summery warm here (the beginning of fire season in California), and with all the windows open this evening, we can hear the crickets. So this piece was drawn to the sound of the crickets, using my Waterman fountain pen. The sound inspired an intricate little line going up/down up/down. Occasionally I heard a frog. At some point a different chirping sound entered the scene. I suspect it was just a cricket with an idiosyncratic style — or perhaps it was the female cricket’s response. It was less intricate-chirpy, and more direct.

Honestly, drawing to these crickets could drive me a little mad, because it’s just the same thing over and over. I tried to get into meditative mode, but it didn’t sink in. Besides, my fingers were starting to cramp. Nevertheless, it was an interesting little exercise.


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