Okir: Analog 6-13-2013 B

Honestly, I did not get the name of the music I drew this to; I was listening to a friend’s iPod, which was on shuffle.

I did want to mention, however, that I recently visited a fascinating video installation show at Works Gallery in San Jose. The show, Nerve | Path: Deconstructing Juncture, included the work by Sieglinde Van Damme and Shaun Benak. What most interested me about the show was the focus on lines, and, in Van Damme’s case, the interaction between line with self and the body. Both of the artists use “line as a tool to visually map, recount, and unravel stories of past experience and internal forces.” I guess I’m trying to do something like that with haptics, but I was impressed with the lengths to which Van Damme went in her piece, “Things change and then nothing happens,” in order to achieve a purely internal line, unaffected by the critical eye.


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