Okir: Analog 7-13-2013

Okir-Analog 7-13-2013

Haptic painted to cricket sounds at about 1 a.m.. Acrylics on canvas, 10 x 10 inches. I laid a wash over the canvas first, and dried it in front of the fireplace, which took a little time in this humid climate. That’s why I ended up painting this after midnight. I’ve never been good at planning… Anyway, this is quite a bit different from the pen and ink haptic I drew on May 5th. However, there are some similar, short, choppy strokes. Unlike the May 5th drawing, the cricket sounds this morning seemed more undisciplined and random. When working with a brush, the energy flows better — as the sumi-e masters know — from shoulder to fingers, if you are working above the painting, and letting your arm, elbow, and wrist relax (dangle, almost) from the shoulder socket.



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