Okir: Analog – Tony Orrico

Been thinking a lot about the work of Tony Orrico, lately. That is, I’ve been thinking about the body in the act of painting, and how constraining it can be to work from one side of the body only — how oddly unnatural it seems sometimes. Orrico is a dancer, as well as a visual and conceptual artist, and has dealt with body issues that have to do with balance, tension, and the limitations of the body. Even with my small haptics, certain subjects do require a bit of endurance — painting to cricket sounds, for example. So I’m thinking about how my body moves, how I let go of tightness, how to have a more balanced energy flow while painting or drawing. I find, for example, that painting or drawing when situated from above the canvas or paper allows for a more nuanced line.

Tony Orrico: choreography’s shape on paper (PopTech)


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