Excerpt from the first chapter

Still working on The Little book of Haptic Drawing. It’s about 98% done, now, but I keep finding things that I want to change. Here is an excerpt from the first chapter:

Haptic drawing, as I use the term, is a meditative and contemplative practice, in which awareness of the body and empathic awareness of the object of the drawing are integral. The haptic process uses the holistic experience―interior and exterior―as a touchstone to the drawing experience. The term, “haptic,” has been associated with “touch therapy,” where healing and creativity occurs through empathic touch. While we may not necessarily touch the object we are drawing, we can sensitize ourselves (through the various senses) to the object. In awareness of the drawn object and our own subjective experience (thoughts, emotions, body feelings), the body translates it all through our hands and into lines on paper.

This is not a results-oriented practice; the point is not to produce a stunning work of line art, but rather to increase awareness of the body, its creative, aesthetic, nervous and energetic dimensions and impulses, and the relationship of oneself to inner and outer worlds, objects, and entities.

Click HERE for an article about my work by Eileen Tabios.


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