Okir: Analog 5/10/2014-B

MedSz_Okir-Analog 5-10-2014-B_JVengua

Haptic painted to flute music, Hidden Peak Teahouse in Santa Cruz. I started out with my usual squiggly lines. I was sipping Buddhist Island green tea, which has a grassy taste, and actually trying to let the taste guide my hand. But after awhile, the music I was listening to–Chinese flute–took over, as well as the sounds of people chatting. When a mournful Middle-Eastern flute solo began, I responded with vertical, striated lines. Sennelier Cobalt Blue ink, Calli India black, Higgens white, and Liquitex Yellow Oxide. Khadi handmade paper, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.

Hidden Peak is a great place to draw or paint, although I get a little paranoid about spilling ink on their beautiful wood furniture. So far, I haven’t had any accidents.


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