Okir: Analog 5/17/2014

Okir-Analog 5-17-2014_Kecak_JVengua
Haptic painted at a live concert, Gamelan: Music & Dance from Java & Bali, directed by Undang Sumarna. More specifically, I painted this during the “mini-Kecak” performance, directed by Linda Burman-Hall. I used a Prismacolor brush tip felt pen on Khadi handmade paper, and added some yellow Liquitex paint later. I won’t be using the Prismacolor pen while watching a live concert again. It was stinky (when wet; it smells fine when dry). In any case, I prefer using bottled ink, although it’s risky because of the potential mess. So from now on, it will have to be pencil, ballpoint, or rapidograph pen in live concerts.


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