Local Nomad: Call for writing & art submissions

LOCAL NOMAD – A Journal of Writing & Art: Open for Submissions

Theme for upcoming Spring 2015 Issue; deadline February 15, 2015:

Killing Ground
A place to be within—where we go to be other, to be against. Fraught moments, places of fear and striking out: territories, borders, streets. The barbed line we cross to do harm (or to seek compassion). What we call war, protection, or defense; what we call hatred or expediency. This place that we try to forget, to drown out. It’s also the place we struggle to remember—or for which we demand remembrance.

Local Nomad publishes mostly poems and art (including audio & video) online, as well as works of short or flash fiction and non-fiction by both emerging and established artists. We do not limit submissions to specific genres or aesthetics, but admit we’re partial to experimental/exploratory forms (for example, oulipo, vispo, and conceptual poetry), magical realism and surrealism, as well as speculative forms (fiction, poetry, art that explores the terrain of “what if?”). We welcome perspectives from a variety of cultures, ages, lifestyles, and migratory routes. Each issue revolves around a broad theme, which can be approached in any number of ways. Non-fiction essays focus on the arts, especially writing and visual art; but we’ll consider other non-fiction topics, including the personal essay, if the content and language is thought-provoking and well-written. For more info on guidelines, go to the LN Info & Submissions page.


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