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Although I’m still building the new site, there is enough there now for me to feel comfy. I just have to do a bit of rearranging, and bring in a little more “furniture.” The “follow” button is now at the bottom of the front page — and I hope you will! Just go HERE.



#Painting on paper

Starting to work larger, and trying out more works on paper, rather than canvas. This is based on two previous sketchbook paintings. I like the idea of using abstract shapes that evoke fleeting associations with plant, mineral, or animal life.

Bull Market 1-17-2018 - Sm.png
Bull Market

#Asemic painting

New stuff. I’ve previously been doing a lot of work using stencils (see my “Family Papers series)” and a straight edge, and I think it affects how I experience the process, in a way I don’t particularly like; I start getting fussy and myopic, and forget to enjoy the process. Now I’m loosening up, using a more free-form and intuitive approach. Can you tell?

I Begin the Tale.12 x 12 1-17-2018
“I Begin the Tale.” Asemic. Ink on Khadi paper. 12 x 12 inches. 1/17/2018.

#abstract #art #asemic #calligraphy #painting #ink #paper

Do Anything

I’m painting “dailies,” small sketches in a sketchbook or on single sheets of paper (see previous post). But it’s also not unusual for me to experience “blocks” that can last a couple days, or even a week or two, occasionally more (even worse with writing — months). So, I appreciate Nicholas Wilton’s short video on how he breaks through; he’s got a lot of great tips on the painting process, plus he’s a wonderful artist. #art #artists #process #nicholaswilton